A New Year, a new location...

Birmingham Pen Company Warehouse

First and foremost I’d like to thank everyone for an amazing year at the Birmingham Pen Company. I can’t express how grateful I am for the continued support and excitement around all of the new products and projects that came about over the past 12 months. As the New Year arrives BPC will be migrating into a newly leased space that will allow a comfortable means of expansion and (hopefully) a retail showroom in the near future!

Moving forward I’ve made the difficult decision to discontinue carrying most third party brands at Birmingham Pen Co. in order to focus primarily on the products that my family and I manufacture (Birmingham, Nemosine, Knox, etc.). While there are many great brands in the stationery market, there are also a number of great retailers that can aptly get those products into your hands. Directing my efforts toward manufacturing will allow me to create a completely unique and constantly evolving writing experience exclusive to BPC. As my in-house selection of notebooks is a bit sparse at the moment I plan to maintain a variety of paper products from other vendors.

With the added efficiency afforded by the new Birmingham location I have decided to permanently reduce the Birmingham Ink prices by $2 for both 30mL and 60mL bottles. This means 30mL bottles will now be among the lowest price per volume in the industry at $5.99/30mL bottle with 60mL bottles at only $9.99. It will remain my priority to produce excellent products at the best manufacturer direct prices possible to maximize the number of customers that can participate in the Birmingham experience. Inks in the Pen Parcel remain an excellent value overall as they ship free at any price. 

In an effort to shore up the economics of my average order, after much consideration, I've decided to raise the free shipping threshold from $30 to $40. Even with the raised free shipping threshold Birmingham Ink will still be significantly less expensive for orders that don’t include free shipping, and especially for orders that do.

Finally, the most exciting thing happening at Birmingham as of late is the formulation of completely in-house manufactured fountain pen inks. This pursuit has been at the top of my mind since the inception of the shop. Initially I naively believed that mixing a fountain pen ink from scratch would be as simple as combining dyes, water, and a couple other ingredients to get a well-performing ink. As I dove deeper down the rabbit hole of ink formulation I quickly discovered that my original thoughts couldn’t have been further from reality. After many attempts, failures, re-attempts, re-failures, and so on..., I’m elated to announce that Birmingham will begin manufacturing house ink from scratch on location. After years of research I will finally be formulating ink completely independently targeted for sale within months. This will allow Birmingham Pen Co. to procure an unprecedented level of flexibility for color and special characteristic formulation, as well as price competitiveness, since I will be both the manufacturer and retailer. Stay tuned for the initial formulations in the very near future!

Please leave any thoughts or ideas you have in the comments below, or feel free to email me directly at nicholas@birminghampens.com.

With Gratitude,