A Small Pen Factory Awakens

Birmingham Pen Factory is Born

As the first few colors of Model-A in acrylic have been released over the past two months in several small batches, I’ve been humbled by the overwhelming support from the fountain pen community and my customers. Although a very small number of pens have been released overall, about a dozen people have come back for a second Model-A pen and a few have even collected 3-4 units.

I’ve intermittently received some great tips for improvement which have been implemented into the design on-the-fly as units are produced… a powerful upside of both controlling the production line and interfacing directly with the user. My dad and I continue to put an emphasis on making sure that the polishing is thorough, structural weak-points are minimized, and that the threads twist as securely and effortlessly as possible.

There’s a lot more coming on the horizon; we’ve been testing some custom acrylic blocks, ebonite, and making plans to add appointments like clips and roll stops. If you have any suggestions please let me know. I would like to thank everybody again for the incredible support that you’ve shown to Birmingham Pens, and I’m excited to share more of what’s to come!

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