Announcing the Birmingham 'Model-A' Turned Acrylic Fountain Pen...

by Nicholas C January 23, 2018 0 Comments

Announcing the Birmingham Model-A Turned Acrylic Fountain Pen...
Several months ago my dad and I started practicing on a lathe to begin what will become the next evolution of Birmingham Pen Company… the addition of in-house custom turned fountain pens.

My Dad is an engineer a few times over and, for me growing up, was the catalyst to my love of all things science and technology. Our starting point was about as square-one as 1^2 can be when it comes to lathe-work, CAD, and acrylics. We busted, burnt, and shattered a whole pile of material before we were able to begin to get things right. In the process of manufacturing our first fountain pen we continually found that the more we learned the more we discovered there was to learn. The threading calibration alone was an arduous endeavor of trial, error, and analysis.  

I’m excited to announce that we’ve created our first beta pen model, the Birmingham Model-A, pictured above in a Cotton Candy acrylic.  

The Model A features:
- a post-able threaded twist cap
- German #6 size nib compatibility
- standard International cartridge compatibility with removable ink converter installed
- a lightweight acrylic body fully machined by my Dad and I
- a polished internal diameter inside both the cap and barrel, removing mill-marks sometimes present in other pens
We are producing 10 pieces to start which will retail for around 50% of where we’ll need the ultimate retail price to fall. Initial testing has suggested that these pens are an excellent value for the price, but each beta unit sold will carry a 30 day full money back guarantee with prepaid return postage available for any returns in the USA.  

I will be recording all feedback to make improvements right from the start… so even if you don’t end up purchasing a beta unit your input is still very valuable to me if you’d like to contribute your thoughts! The learning process for an adventure such as this is quite literally never ending, so no feedback is too critical.  

Over the next few months we will begin testing metals and ebonite… so there’s a lot more great stuff to come.  

Click here to reserve your pre-order of the Birmingham Model-A!  


Nicholas C
Nicholas C