Made From Scratch: Fountain Pen Ink Nearly Complete

Fountain Pen Ink Dye

After dozens of consultations with a chemist, lots of feedback from an engineer, as well as hundreds of hours of testing, we've finally developed several of our made-from-scratch ink formulas to a state that we believe is ready for our public beta release. We've scoured raw material suppliers across the country to obtain the highest quality ingredients available on the market. 

Every bottle of our home-brew fountain pen ink is produced with a 22 step process that involves a series of raw ingredient measuring, mixing, and refinement. 

Ink Ingredients

  • Diluent - Highly purified laboratory grade water to ensure consistency
  • Thickener - Tempers feathering
  • Humectants - Influences dry-time
  • Lubricants - Regulates flow & performance
  • Surfactants - Regulates flow & performance
  • Preservative - Adds shelf life for safe long-term use & storage
  • Colorants - Powder dyes to bring colors alive in the solution

As we're in the process of manufacturing our new ink formulas at scales beyond sampling, we'll be running some intermittent sales to generate capital for new equipment and raw materials. Keep an eye on Today's Deals for updated sale items. We're excited to show you the results of our work.

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