Model-A Demonstrator 1.0 Fountain Pen Release

Birmingham Model-A Demonstrator 1.0

Machining a good pen from acrylic requires a relatively intricate process. Incredibly small tolerances must be held in the lathe to produce reliable threading and a material surface that can be efficiently polished by hand to produce a quality final product. Fabricating a demonstrator fountain pen from acrylic nearly doubles this effort. All of the finishing attentions to detail applied to the exterior of a traditional acrylic pen are also required on the interior of a demonstrator. This necessitates changes to the lathe tools and spindle speeds, as well as adding the challenge of hand polishing the internals of the pen.

After refining our machining and finishing processes, we’re proud to release the Model-A Demonstrator 1.0 fountain pen. Both the interior and exterior diameter of each pen is carefully machined and then polished by hand to a glasslike finish.

The units sold the first week of release will be individually numbered and produced over the following 30 days. Numbers are reserved first come/first serve and the total pool produced will be contingent on the number sold over 7 days with a maximum of 100. The standard retail price is planned to be set at $149 to cover the labor described above.

See the Model-A Demonstrator 1.0 Fountain Pen.

The pen factory gears are turning… thank you very much for being a part of this journey with me!