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Neutron Star Twinkle


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Handmade in Pennsylvania

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Prepared in 60mL Glass Bottle

Our Neutron Star fountain pen ink bursts onto paper with a sparkling array of blue and sheening iridescent purples, pinks, and reds with Twinkle pigments. Visible coloring will vary drastically by paper type and saturation, with high quality fountain pen papers producing secondary colors most prominently and lower quality papers staying closer to the ink's base blue hues.

Our swatch and writing sample is produced on 68gsm Tomoe River paper, which strongly emphasizes the secondary colors specifically (making our samples look purple on camera.) It's very difficult to display the color array of sheening inks on-screen.

Twinkle inks require additional pen maintenance and cleaning compared to their traditional ink peers and perform best in a pen with a medium sized nib or broader. Please don't use Twinkle inks in vintage pens or pens that cannot be disassembled for cleaning. 

Every batch of Birmingham fountain pen ink is manufactured by hand in-house from a series of raw ingredients selected for quality and consistency. Each bottle is poured, capped, and labeled by hand.

Ink Ingredients
Diluent - Highly purified laboratory grade water to ensure consistency
Thickener - Tempers feathering
Humectants - Influences dry-time
Lubricants - Regulates flow & performance
Surfactants - Regulates flow & performance
Preservative - Adds shelf life for safe long-term use & storage
Colorants - Powder dyes to bring colors alive in the solution

Neutron Star Twinkle
Neutron Star Twinkle
Neutron Star Twinkle
Neutron Star Twinkle
Neutron Star Twinkle



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We take our craft seriously, carefully inspecting every piece before it leaves our workshop for your doorstep. 


With only two full-time employees, every product is thoughtfully prepared at our Pennsylvania workshop just north of Pittsburgh.