Birmingham Model-A Fountain Pen, Demonstrator 1.0

Birmingham Pen Company


- Filling Mechanism: Ink Converter or Ink Cartridge
- Ink Converter Included
- Ink Cartridges Sold Separately
- Nib Material: Steel

The first true demonstrator fountain pen of the Birmingham line, the Demonstrator 1.0 features a minimalist transparent body with your choice of a gold or silver nib. This first release is now on pre-sale discounted from the regular price of $149 down to $99 with a maximum of 100 units to be sold. Each unit will be individually engraved with a marker to indicate it's position within the opening release. Total lot size will be determined by the number of units sold in the pre-release week (100 or less). The pre-sale will end on Friday,  9/14 - I will then begin production on the opening run units, to be shipped within 30 days from the 14th. After the initial release ends the price will be raised to a normal rate of $149 to account for the additional labor required to polish a completely transparent acrylic pen.

*Engraved number estimates in this listing cannot account for units currently within the process of checkout by another customer. The number listed is an approximation only. 

Turned by Nick and his father in the USA, the Birmingham Model-A Acrylic fountain pen is the flagship release of the Birmingham Pen Company. The Model-A comes stock with a gift box, ink converter, and is compatible with standard International ink cartridges as well as #6 nibs. Check out the Model-A updates...

Weight: 13g 
Length Capped: 138.2mm
Length Posted: 170.1mm
Length Uncapped: 128.7mm
Grip Diameter (Bottom): 10.4mm
Grip Diameter (Mid): 11.1mm
Barrel Diameter (Largest): 14.18mm

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