Sixth Avenue Fountain Pen, Wicket

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- Filling Mechanism: Ink Converter or Ink Cartridge
- Ink Converter Included
- Ink Cartridges Sold Separately
- Nib Material: Steel

Designed and refined over several months with the ambition of creating the quintessential cigar shaped acrylic fountain pen, the new Birmingham Sixth Avenue offers a charmingly elegant take on a traditional vintage-inspired design.

The genially proportioned barrel and cap contours of the Sixth Avenue flow to an assertive taper on each end. Drafted to produce a sturdy post, the design maintains it’s aesthetic charisma capped, uncapped, and posted. A unique 29mm grip comfortably accommodates a variety of finger placements by hands of nearly every size. With a capped weight of only 22 grams, the Sixth Avenue is well-suited for everything from a signature to the most protracted writing sessions.

Each unit is fully machined in-house by the Birmingham Pen Company with the installation of your choice of German nib. The nib housing accepts both included internationally standard sized converter as well as standard ink cartridges.

See how the Sixth Avenue compares to the Model-A...

Weight: 22g 
Length Capped: 144.9mm
Length Posted: 168.8mm
Length Uncapped: 137.4mm
Grip Diameter (Bottom): 12.3mm
Grip Diameter (Smallest): 11.0mm
Grip Diameter (Mid): 12.4mm
Barrel Diameter (Largest): 15.8mm
Cap Diameter (Largest): 17.6mm

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