TWSBI Diamond 580 AL Fountain Pen, Emerald (Special Edition)



- Filling Mechanism: Piston Filler
- Nib Material: Steel

The crown jewel of the TWSBI line, the Silver Diamond 580 AL is a full sized fountain pen and features a crystal clear transparent polycarbonate body with beautiful milled aluminum grip and internals. 

The integrated high capacity piston filling mechanism is operated with a twist knob at the end of the barrel. The threaded twist cap securely protects the pen but does not fully post. 

This unit is compatible with all bottled fountain pen ink and includes a pen wrench with silicone grease for care and maintenance.

Weight Capped:  31g
Weight Uncapped: 17g
Length Capped: 14.23cm
Length Uncapped: 13.00cm
Length Posted: 17.73cm

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