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Try out over 50 Birmingham ink samples individually prepared in 5ml vials. This set includes every color in stock and available for public retail sale at the time of purchase (packs do not include Pen Parcel colors that are yet to be released publicly). 

To get your samples organized and onto paper as easily as possible, the Sample Set conveniently includes 11 eyedroppers, a hand-cut 52gsm 3" x 5" Tomoe tester notepad, and two vial racks with a 100 unit combined capacity. 

The sample set currently includes the following [56] colors:

Birmingham Allegheny Courthouse Justice Blue
Birmingham Allegheny Observatory Celestial Blue
Birmingham Allegheny River Twilight
Birmingham Andrew Carnegie Steel Blue
Birmingham Andy Warhol Pop Art Purple
Birmingham Billy Eckstine Blues for Sale
Birmingham Bloomfield Red
Birmingham Carrie Furnace Pig Iron
Birmingham David O. Selznick Lilac Wind
Birmingham Duquesne Incline Station Red
Birmingham Ebenezer Denny Carmine
Birmingham Emerald View Park Oxidized Brass
Birmingham Enterprise Tower Aluminum
Birmingham Forbes Field Green
Birmingham Fort Duquesne French Tricolor
Birmingham Fort Pitt Blockhouse Sepia
Birmingham Frank Gorshin Riddle Green
Birmingham Fred Rogers Cardigan Red
Birmingham Frick Building Stained Glass
Birmingham Frick Park Fern Hollow Creek
Birmingham G.C. Murphy Tarnished Nickel
Birmingham Gayety Theater Vaudeville Regalia
Birmingham Gene Kelly Raspberry Rain
Birmingham George Ferris Jr. World's Fair Blue
Birmingham Grandview Avenue Midnight Horizon
Birmingham Grant Street Weathered Brick
Birmingham Gulf Tower Gerbera Pink
Birmingham Highland Park Zoo Polar Bear
Birmingham Homestead Steel Works Slag Gray
Birmingham Honus Wagner Infield Brown
Birmingham Irish Festival Clover Green
Birmingham John Arbuckle Coffee Bean
Birmingham Jonas Salk Serum Umber
Birmingham Josh Gibson Field
Birmingham Liberty Tunnels Southern Portal
Birmingham Little Italy Eggplant Parmesan
Birmingham Mary Lou Williams Piano Girl Pink
Birmingham Mt. Washington Sunset
Birmingham Pennsylvania Railroad Boiler Steam Blue Black
Birmingham Philander C. Knox Old Glory Blue
Birmingham Phipps Conservatory Verbena
Birmingham Pittsburgh Aviary Violet Starling
Birmingham Pittsburgh Bankers Ice Rink
Birmingham Point Park Fountain Turquoise
Birmingham Rachel Carson Silent Spring
Birmingham Railroad Strike Riot Ember
Birmingham Schenley Casino Cornflower
Birmingham Schenley Park Thicket Green
Birmingham Shadyside Walnut St. Brown
Birmingham Southside Market Boysenberry
Birmingham Southside Park Fern Moss
Birmingham Sport Donnelly Grass Stain
Birmingham Thomas Mellon Evergreen
Birmingham USS Requin Navy Blue
Birmingham Waterfront Dusk
Birmingham Winky's Hamburgers Root Beer

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