Birmingham Model-A Fountain Pen, Riptide

Birmingham Pen Company


- Filling Mechanism: Ink Converter or Ink Cartridge
- Ink Converter Included
- Ink Cartridges Sold Separately
- Nib Material: Steel

* Each Riptide fountain pen ships with a free bottle of Fern Hollow Creek *

The Riptide is unique in that it has translucent elements to marry a semi-transparent effect with the solid blue/white acrylic flake. The price of this Model-A is higher than the standard models to account for the extra labor involved to clean and polish the interior of the cap, barrel, and section. 

Turned by Nick and his father in the USA, the Birmingham Model-A Acrylic fountain pen is the flagship release of the Birmingham Pen Company. The Model-A comes stock with an ink converter, and is compatible with standard International ink cartridges as well as #6 nibs. Check out the story of how this pen came to be...

Weight: 15g
Length Capped: 135.4mm
Length Posted: 167.4mm
Length Uncapped: 126.1mm
Grip Diameter (Bottom): 10.4mm
Grip Diameter (Mid): 11.1mm
Barrel Diameter (Largest): 14.3mm

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