Stock status note...

Thank you for visiting us today at Birmingham Pens! Starting out we have a pretty limited number of items on hand, with only one unit of many SKUs in stock. With this, you may see relatively frequent out of stock messages on particular items until we're able to hold more inventory.

If you're set on purchasing an item that's out of stock, you can request a restock notification. When a product ticks out of stock, a dialogue box pops up that allows you to enter your email address for a quick notification once that particular SKU is returned to inventory. This streamlines the process for us so that we can gauge buyer interest in particular items when reordering and you're given an automatic heads up once the item in question is restocked. By requesting a restock notification, you’re not making any kind of buying commitment. 

Lastly, if you're able to mention in the order notes that you waited on an item to return to stock to make your purchase we'll make sure we do something a little special with your unboxing experience as a thank you..

Please contact us if you have any questions!
- Nick