Birmingham Model-A Fountain Pen, Sankara Stone

Birmingham Pen Company


- Filling Mechanism: Ink Converter or Ink Cartridge
- Ink Converter Included
- Ink Cartridges Sold Separately
- Nib Material: Steel

* Each Sankara Stone fountain pen ships with a free bottle of Incline Station Red *

Turned by Nick and his father in the USA, the Birmingham Model-A Acrylic fountain pen is the flagship release of the Birmingham Pen Company. The Model-A comes stock with an ink converter, and is compatible with standard International ink cartridges as well as #6 nibs. Check out the story of how this pen came to be...

Weight: 15g
Length Capped: 135.4mm
Length Posted: 167.4mm
Length Uncapped: 126.1mm
Grip Diameter (Bottom): 10.4mm
Grip Diameter (Mid): 11.1mm
Barrel Diameter (Largest): 14.3mm

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