Model-A Ebonite Fountain Pen, Velvet
Model-A Ebonite Fountain Pen, Velvet
Model-A Ebonite Fountain Pen, Velvet
Model-A Ebonite Fountain Pen, Velvet
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Model-A Ebonite Fountain Pen, Velvet


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The Velvet Model-A features a proprietary textured surface finish that contains both matte and nuanced shimmering components, machined with custom tooling developed in-house for the job. Our German ebonite rod stock is widely regarded as the world's finest, with this particular variation infused with carbon particles for an 'extra dark black' aesthetic that produces a faint reflective characteristic.

The underside of every piece is subtly engraved by bit (no lasers) with the Birmingham insignia as well as a unique serial number commemorating the day the pen was fully completed in our workshop... with the engraving being the very last step before it's boxed up and shipped. The nomenclature of the serial number reads: Year - Month - Day - Daily Piece Count. The Piece Count is the particular queue placeholder within the day's production for that particular pen, reading as YYMMDDXXX. For example, the third pen produced on New Year's Day would have a serial number that read: 190101003 

To our knowledge this is the best priced fully ebonite production fountain pen in the world outside of some made in Asia. Our direct-to-consumer business model cuts out the middleman and allows us to price our house machined pieces for prices close to what would otherwise be the wholesale price before retail markup. Fountain pens with very similar inputs are available today from other makers at prices $400 and above. 

Learn more about the work behind the ebonite Model-A fountain pen in our blog. 


Filling mechanism: Removable ink converter (included)
Nib size: German #6
Housing spout: International standard
Weight: 13g
Length Capped: 138.2mm
Length Posted: 170.1mm
Length Uncapped: 128.7mm
Grip Diameter (Bottom): 10.4mm
Grip Diameter (Mid): 11.1mm
Barrel Diameter (Largest): 14.18mm

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