TWSBI Classic Fountain Pen, Turquoise



- Filling Mechanism: Piston Filler
- Nib Material: Steel

** Includes FREE 30mL bottle of Birmingham Point Park Fountain Turquoise **

The Classic Turquoise is an affordably priced, well performing fountain pen with a high capacity piston filling mechanism. TWSBI has quickly grown in popularity within the past few years with consistently stellar reviews from the fountain pen community.

The piston is used to draw ink by twisting a knob at the end of the barrel. Unique to the Classic model is a small ink window above the grip. With chrome appointments and a threaded twist cap, the TWSBI Classic fountain pen is both sharp and reliable. 

This unit is compatible with all bottled fountain pen ink and includes a pen wrench with silicone grease for care and maintenance.

Weight Capped:  23g
Weight Uncapped: 16g
Length Capped: 13.64cm
Length Uncapped: 12.70cm
Length Posted: 16.51cm

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