TWSBI Eco T Fountain Pen, Blue



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Allegheny Arsenal Gunpowder Black 7.99 FREE
Allegheny River Twilight 7.99 FREE
Andrew Carnegie Steel Blue 7.99 FREE
Andy Warhol Pop Art Purple 7.99 FREE
Billy Eckstine Blues For Sale 7.99 FREE
Bloomfield Red 7.99 FREE
David O. Selznick Lilac Wind 7.99 FREE
Duquesne Incline Station Red 7.99 FREE
Edgar T. Steel Works Coking Coal Black 7.99 FREE
Emerald View Park Oxidized Brass 7.99 FREE
Forbes Field Green 7.99 FREE
Fort Pitt Blockhouse Sepia 7.99 FREE
Frank Gorshin Riddle Green 7.99 FREE
Fred Rogers Cardigan Red 7.99 FREE
Frick Park Fern Hollow Creek 7.99 FREE
Gene Kelly Rasberry Rain 7.99 FREE
George Westinghouse Alternator Crimson 7.99 FREE
Grandview Avenue Midnight Horizon 7.99 FREE
Honus Wagner Infield Brown 7.99 FREE
Jeff Goldblum Independence Gray 7.99 FREE
Pennsylvania Railroad Boiler Steam Blue Black 7.99 FREE
Phipp's Conservatory Verbena 7.99 FREE
Point Park Fountain Turquoise 7.99 FREE
Schenley Park Thicket Green 7.99 FREE
Shadyside Walnut St. Brown 7.99 FREE
Smithfield St. Bridge Truss Blue 7.99 FREE
Southside Park Fern Moss 7.99 FREE
Steel Building Smoked Iron 7.99 FREE
USS Requin Navy Blue 7.99 FREE
Waterfront Dusk 7.99 FREE

- Filling Mechanism: Piston Filler
- Nib Material: Steel

Charming and economical, the Turquoise TWSBI Eco features a transparent polycarbonate barrel and smooth action piston filling mechanism. The Eco-T has a slightly more pronounced grip section than the standard Eco fountain pens.

This unit is compatible with all bottled fountain pen ink. The pen can be entirely disassembled for cleaning and repair, and includes a pen wrench with silicone grease.

Weight Capped:  21g
Weight Uncapped: 12g
Length Capped: 13.78cm
Length Uncapped: 13.00cm
Length Posted: 16.60cm

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