Ink Sampling Revolutionized

At the Birmingham Pen Company, we're taking our commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction to another level with the introduction of the Atomink Element, our groundbreaking answer to the traditional challenges of fountain pen ink sampling.

Ink sampling, as many enthusiasts would agree, can often be an expensive and somewhat cumbersome process. The standard approach has traditionally involved purchasing small vials of ink, each costing between $0.50 to $1.35 per mL. In addition to these costs quickly piling up, the management of multiple, meticulously labeled sample vials can be a demanding task.

It was this context that led us to conceive the Atomink Element, a pioneering solution that revolutionizes ink sampling. Atomink Elements are a collection of foundational ink colors designed for blending. This innovative system allows you to create a limitless range of colors, right at your desk.

The Atomink Element approach to sampling not only offers unparalleled creative freedom but also presents a more cost-effective option. Our premium quality inks are priced between just $0.17 and $0.35 per mL. This drastically reduces your sampling costs while allowing you to mix the exact volume you require.

But the Atomink Element revolution isn't confined to sampling our existing color catalog. This system encourages you to blend your own unique colors, extending your creative possibilities into an almost infinite color spectrum.

With the Atomink Element, we're transforming the historically costly ink sampling into an affordable and exciting voyage of creativity. We invite you to explore the boundless potential the Atomink Element offers, and join us in this revolutionary chapter of fountain pen inks.

Step into the future of ink sampling with the Atomink Element.