Complexities of Display

In the world of fountain pen inks, precision and perception play essential roles. At Birmingham Pen Company, we understand that every detail counts when it comes to delivering the best inks to our customers. However, there's an inherent variability in how colors can be perceived, something all fountain pen enthusiasts must bear in mind: the exact shade you see on your paper might not perfectly match the color presented on our website. This nearly inevitable discrepancy is not a mistake but a result of several interacting variables. Let's explore this in more detail.


The Science Behind Fountain Pen Ink Colors

Fountain pen inks, especially those derived from dye colorants, demonstrate a wide variety of character. The final color you perceive isn't a static trait, but rather a dynamic quality, influenced by factors such as ink saturation, the substrate or paper used, the lighting condition, and even your computer monitor's calibration.


Influence of Ink Saturation

Ink saturation refers to the density of colorant present in the ink. A higher concentration results in a deeper color, while a lower one leads to a paler hue. This variation means that the same ink can present differently depending on its saturation. Hence, the color viewed on your screen might not be a 100% match with the ink you see on your paper.


The Substrate Factor

The type of paper you use significantly impacts how the ink color comes across. Different papers have varying absorbency levels, influencing the color's perceived intensity. Our team of two at Birmingham Pen Company creates the website swatches using Tomoe River paper. However, if you employ a different kind of paper, the ink color may diverge from the original swatch.


Lighting Conditions and Color Perception

Lighting conditions can considerably alter the way we perceive colors. Whether it's natural sunlight, fluorescent office lights, or warm incandescent bulbs, different light sources can make the same color look different. We photograph our ink swatches under professional photography lighting to maintain consistency, but if your viewing conditions differ, the color might appear different.


Monitor Calibration

Last but not least, every computer monitor displays colors slightly differently. The calibration settings of your monitor can subtly change the way you perceive colors, making them appear brighter, darker, or even a different shade altogether.

By acknowledging and understanding these nuances, we can appreciate the unique character and versatility of each fountain pen ink. At Birmingham Pen Company, our commitment remains to do our best to provide an accurate representation of our hues and deliver the highest quality products to you, with satisfaction guaranteed in every bottle.