Our Story


With a meticulously curated inventory of pens, inks, paper, and trimmings, 
we'd like to share our endeavor with a stationery experience you won't forget.

The Birmingham Name
The Southside of Pittsburgh, where we are located, was once called “Little Birmingham” due to the area’s prolific manufacturing industry in the early 1900's. The Birmingham moniker derived from Birmingham, UK - a manufacturing hub that specialized in, among other things, pen and nib manufacturing with thousands of craftspeople employed in the industry.

We chose the name Birmingham Pen Company to share this little known piece of history and continue in some of the traditions behind the name.

Birmingham Pen Building


Our Promise
Every time you visit, it's our goal to deliver:

Thoughtful selection - explore hundreds of individually curated pens, inks, and stationery items with new merchandise added weekly.

Loyal service - 
we're at your side before, during, and after purchase with prompt shipping, reliable support, and a flexible, customer friendly return policy.

Unforgettable experience -
 it's our objective to impart happiness beyond expectation every time we have the opportunity to serve you. 

 Birmingham Fountain Pen Ink Shelf


Thank you for visiting our website today, and if you find yourself in the Pittsburgh area, please stop in to see our pen shop! If you have any questions email write@birminghampens.com or email Nick directly at: nicholas@birminghampens.com.

As our content and inventory continue to grow, we're looking forward
to being an unrelenting enabler to your pen addiction.

- Nick