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Handmade in Pennsylvania

Generous 100mL Volume

Amaryllis is an archival and highly water-resistant pigmented ink, part of our Everlasting Formula fountain pen ink line. The large 100mL volume will provide approximately 125 standard converter refills assuming a 0.8mL draw. 

Enjoy Amaryllis as a standalone fountain pen ink, or blend it with other Everlasting Formula fountain pen inks to craft your personalized shade.

Everlasting pigmented inks require extra maintenance to use effectively. Frequent pen cleaning is suggested, as with all pigmented fountain pen inks. Pigmented ink should not be permitted to dry inside a pen. The permanent nature of the pigment will stain some types of plastic, and with this, we suggest Everlasting inks not be used in demonstrator pens. 

While we don't have independent testing complete for lightfastness characteristics, we anticipate a moderate lightfastness level due to the colorant's nature.


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Ink ingredients are meticulously combined and refined over roughly two dozen steps with a minimum of three thorough mixing steps per color to ensure quality & consistency within every batch.


With only two full-time employees, every product is thoughtfully prepared at our Pennsylvania workshop just north of Pittsburgh.